मंगळवार, ५ एप्रिल, २०१६


पैतृक वारसा हा संपत्तीशी निगडीत असतो म्हणुन तो समाजाने महत्त्वाचा मानला आहे. पण जनुकीय वारसा कर्माशी निगडीत असतो. त्यात आईच्या कर्तृत्वावर आणि आईकडुन मिळणा-या वारशावर समाज *सहसा* बोळा फिरवतो.

ज्या मूर्ख, अक्कलशून्य अतिशहाण्याना माझ्या आईच्या घराण्याशी असलेला माझा बॉण्ड डाचत असतो त्यांच्यासाठी ही डॉ. दीक्षितांची माझ्या वॉलवरील पोस्ट झणझणीत अंजन ठरावी. Thx ड्र. Jay Dixit!

"Your Kundalini : From the data you provided - the ovum which eventually became you was formed in your mother's ovary while she was a fetus in the grandmothers uterus was around mid April of 1937. So by this date you are around 80 years of age now ( and me over 100 !!). From 1937 for next 26 years it grew very little but it did receive the hits and some damage from free radicals, toxins, etc., just like other mothers normal cells and stem cells, etc. until it was fertilized ( but it was not like it was frozen and preserved, so its aging like any other biological tissue is real, so part of you is 80 years of age. If you believe in concept of soul, then your soul also began then - sperm probably has very little contribution to the soul or your cosmic connection to the universe).

Your mother's womb is like a "3 D printing machine" once the instructions for you- all 1.5 billion pairs of DNA and countless epigenetic markers fabricated by your grandmother were handed down to your mother ( and other 1.5 B received from your father with a powerful "master switch gene" SRY ), the printer went in action , over the course of next 9 months- your mother printed about 2 to 3 trillion of your cells when you were born from the instructions she received ( over 100 billion were just brain cells, and another 100 billion were heart cells, reproductive DNA of these cells unlike other cells was sealed tight shut, so it will never open and these cells will only grow, but never will reproduce like other cells). This 3D printer is however, not water tight- some of the mothers "adult" cells escaped from placenta and anchored in your body forever, but never your fathers cells are inside you- confusing your immune system for the rest of your life. She also gave your very specific "probiotics" or gut bacteria to colonize your inside and outside of the skin once you were born (Fetal skin and gut is sterile in the womb)."